Chapter 4: Je suis une baleine

People keep asking if I'm nervous to start work tomorrow, and the answer is: Nope! I am so ready to be working again. It will be really weird not to be with Steven 24/7 (...but also nice. Love you sweetie!)

Our boxes all came this week and there is no way to say how relieved we are. Everything got here in once piece, nothing was lost or damaged and it even arrived a week earlier than the estimate! Such a tender blessing to have our stuff arrive before I started work. We got all unpacked (as much as possible) on Friday, but with no dressers, table, bookshelf or couch there are a few things that will have to wait.

img_7471-webWe went to so many furniture stores this week! We decided that rather than find random stuff off craigslist, to spring for things we actually love. Since we have no car here, the options are basically walk, transit, or bike! We have mostly been fine walking everywhere, but we did SO MUCH biking Monday. Like 5 hours of Bixi bike rentals all over the city in half hour increments. Don't worry, it's super safe. Cars can hear us coming from a mile off - "I hate this! I hate this! I hate this!!!" - me.

img_7369-webWe've been becoming familiar with the bike culture and the city, trying to remember not to turn on reds and obey rules as if we are cars. (we heard rumours that cyclist get ticketed just like cars?) Biking was not in vain though! We bought a table and chairs and picked out a couch! Woo!! We're stoked :) Also google maps took us the weirdest way - down the parking lot to a path that goes up this bank and you walk along a raised gravel road, before going back down the bank again to a new parking lot. We could have just stayed on the main road!!! So weird google maps.

We have been trying to get me a bike, but as it turns out, there aren't a lot of options now. It's the end of the season for bike shops, and I am tall.. so no one has a bike to fit someone my height :( img_7501-webOne bike shop we went to, Steven went up to talk to the sales guy and said    "Parler vous Englais?" "Non." "uhhhh... Heather!!"   Haha! That was the first guy who we met who didn't speak English (or was pretending not to. that's my suspicion...) They didn't have anything for me anyways, so the bike hunt continues elsewhere! 

It has been a very full week, and so many times we have had to stop and say thank you for the crazy amount of blessings we are receiving. So much love! We also got to cuddle with some cats too. #blessings

img_7581-web PS Sometimes Steven gets taught hilarious sentences on DuoLingo - This week I overheard him say "Je suis une baleine." (I am a whale) Needless to say I loved that.