Chapter 5: Brand New Used Bicycle...With A Bell!!!

This week was quite a momentous week. Heather and I began work! ...and by that I mean that Heather began work, and I began my life as a stay at home husband. Right now I'm working freelance for some companies out west but in my spare time I've taken to making sure Heather has breakfast, lunch and dinners every day. She just gets so adorably forgetful when she's under the stress of a new job :) Her first day of work at MPC Montreal!

Heather is being trained at work to use all their systems right now and is learning really quickly. Her industry experience is proving to be a very valuable asset to her which has been very validating. Her studio is a 25 minute walk from our house so she's just been walking to work instead of using public transit. Surprisingly enough, we've managed to go nearly a month without using public transit at all and we want to continue not having to use it if we can so this week we went out and bought Heather a brand new bicycle!!! Well, a brand new used bicycle! Well, actually, a used bicycle. But it's got a bell! And it's adorable!


But to further prepare ourselves for Montreal life we went winter coat shopping. Out in Montreal they've got these huge warehouse sales where top brand name merchandise is sold at ridiculous sale prices. And it's not just last seasons stuff either. A lot of the stuff is season preview merch so you're buying this seasons stuff at 60-80% off. Only catch is you have to drive out to some sketchy warehouse on the edge of town. Fair trade. DATE NIGHT AT THE SKETCHY WAREHOUSE!!! Heather and I got some pretty hearty coats and realized that winter wear isn't all terribly ill form fitting either. (just most of it)

In other news, we've made some friends and are nearly finished readying the 7th Harry Potter book. We've been listening to the audio book of Jim Dale which has been awesome! We just put it on while we cook dinner. This week we've been enjoying the cheap cheeses and fresh produce in our meals. We made homemade burgers with avocado and brie, basil and tomato stuffed chicken breast and little pancake skewers with bananas, strawberries and Nutella! Our tummies are happy!

Quebec cheese has us in heaven.