Chapter 8: A new job for Steven!

This week was huge for one Steven Earl Ward Jun.!! He has gotten a job here in Montreal that doesn't require french and is perfect! Pretty much a company he applied to has hired him to be their video guy. They want to be more transparent with their customers, and since they have a lot of fun working together every day, they pretty much want Steven to do an equivalent of the  band videos he made every week for behind sapphire. He said it felt so weird to be in an interview where you're like "No, you don't understand. I did that for 5 yrs straight." haha oh the joys of being over qualified for something. Who knew the band vlogs would ever come in so handy? We are so happy and I am so proud of this go-getter! He worked so hard <3 hswed-37-webOther news this week - I continue to plug along at work. Learning is a slow frustrating process, but this week was really validating. I'm finally getting good enough at this new software to be able to feel more independent. Which I crave. We had our monthly review, and the HOD (head of department) saw and gave feedback on our work. Apparently they don't usually give you both those stressful things on one day, we are just extra "lucky". So after a really stress filled few days preparing for it, It was really validating to be told I am doing great! All the late nights, and tears and hard work is paying off.

So many times in the past few weeks we have reminded ourselves of all the tender mercies when we first moved here. We felt so blessed in September, we felt we were really meant to be here. Steven has had to remind me repeatedly of how we felt, I am trying hard to remember when I get frustrated!

hswed-139-webIts not all work though! We do manage to squeeze in some fun, I promise. Steven got to jam on drums with a friend on bass, we got to go to the Montreal temple and lucked out with an English session, tried two new (to us) restaurants (we LOVED Garage Cafe) But it was all done after dark, and we neglected to take photos... so... have some wedding photos finally!! enjoy!


PS - No matter how stressed with work I got this week, I never stooped to purple wizard level! (see our last post if you don't know what I mean haha.)