Chapter 10: Why did the chicken climb the wall?

So this week was an awesome week! (I say as I am trying to remember what we did...) We got back in the climbing gym for the first time in two months, and Steven couldn't be happier. I'll admit to dragging my feet a little.. or a lot... because I knew how rough going back might be. Turns out I was being pessimistic. It wasn't as painful as I anticipated, my hands aren't torn up, and neither are my muscles! (much) The gym we frequent is called "Allez-Up" and it has these giant 125ft. old wheat silos outside that during the summer you can climb. For some context, a standard wall size is anywhere from 30-50 ft., so 125 ft. is way beyond anything we have climbed. We missed the season that they're open, but Steven is itching to go next year. We live nearby so we bike to and from the gym. This is not my favourite.

15007687_10154047135236824_1213739884_oSomething about Steven. He has been dying to get back to climbing for WEEKS. We were going regularly in Vancouver, but what with wedding planning and moving we couldn't find the time. He has missed it tremendously and talked about it often. I on the other hand, will never love it like he does. It is fun, I enjoy it, but when I don't climb I sometimes forget about it. But because I love Steven, I am trying to rediscover a love or sometimes even a liking for it. It's all in my head though, because often when I don't want to go I still end up having a great time. I feel like I often hear "true love is taking someone as they are, and not asking them to change." I couldn't disagree more. I think the best kind of love pushes you to be more, to do more, to learn to love better. I love that being with Steven pushes me to do things I'm afraid of. I constantly feel that I am running to keep up with him. Sometimes I physically AM running to keep up.. especially when I am in heels. Man he has a long stride! But most often I find myself trying to keep up with how much love he shows me. I really am so incredibly well loved. He is the most selfless man, who doesn't hold the fact he does 95% of the cooking in our house over my head. He is always taking care of me. Making sure I'm eating properly, he packs me lunch and takes off my glasses when I am too tired to do it myself. Anyways, what I am trying to say is sometimes (all the time) I don't want to go climbing. But I love Steven, and Steven loves to climb. So now I will re-learn how to love climbing. For love.

14959119_10154047134856824_1550147630_oimg_1591You know what we both love?? ROLLER COASTERS. and the Mendenhalls. (super natural segway, I know!) We went to La Ronde with our besties Amber and Devin Mendenhall, the 6 flags park here in Montreal for the last day it was open this season! It was a blast. We still have not ridden all the roller coasters!! We keep thinking we have, and then we discover a new one we didn't realize was there before! The new favourite from this trip was one where the car goes backwards over the track, so that you are looking where you have come from, not where you are going! so you're basically in an old station wagon. but faster. and green. or maybe station wagons are green? I'm really too young to make that comparison but it's out there now so... deal. It was our last ride of the day, and at the end of it Steven and Amber got off and were so jazzed, loving life, and Heather and Devin stumbled off the ride clutching their spouses arm for support... haha it was worth it though, and I will totally do it again!

So there you have the highlights of this week. In other news we made some amazing french onion soup, made a new friend Paul, also Heather had another review at work and there was nothing but praise! All in all a successful week.