Chapter 11: Je Manges Comme un Cochon

Commuting to work for me takes about an hour and 15 minutes on public transit and Duolingo has become a daily occurrence on the way to work. I've been trying to be more diligent at learning French and have been learning all the helpful phrases such as, "a bear, bears" and "I eat like a pig." I'll be fluent in no time ;) According to Duolingo, I'm 8% fluent at French which seems inaccurate but who am I to argue with my teacher. img_7397If there's one thing that's been consistent since arriving in Montreal it's that Heather and I have just been taking turns being sick. It seems as though one of us will get sick and by the time they're better it's been passed on to the other person and then by the time they're better the virus has mutated into something different enough to get the other person sick again! Heather got hit by a bug last week which symptoms included headaches and nausea. It lasted a couple of days and by the time Monday came around I had picked it up so the first two days of the week I was trying to make it through work with a massive headache all day. Not the nicest. Hopefully, Heather won't get sick now that I'm over it.

But this week has been really fun. Donald Trump was elected the president of the United States and we cried, I went to the gym for a circuit training session and nearly vomited, and I made jambalaya in our slow cooker and accidentally burned it cause I left it on over night. It actually tasted amazing before it got burned so I'll be repeating that recipe. With the imminent onslaught of winter weather we went in search of winter boots earlier this week. We found a warehouse sale which said they had winter boots so Heather and I made the long trek out to the west island area to take advantage of the great sale. What we discovered was some discount used furniture which looked like it had been used for the past 2 decades in some real estate office and a ton of really cheap "cheap" clothes and boots that didn't fit. Heather and I just looked at each other, laughed and hauled out of there. Life lesson learned, don't go to a warehouse sale that doesn't state the brand names in the ads. After finding nothing we went back to researching and found another warehouse sale up towards the northern part of the island and found a great couple pairs of Timberland and Sorel boots that will do a great job at keeping our little footies warm.img_7851topost

Speaking of the winter, today Heather and I were invited to prepare a musical number for the stake Christmas presentation in December. So we spent most of today listening to Christmas music and brainstorming ideas. Some might think it's too early for Christmas music but it was so nice. We decided to revisit a rendition of The First Noel which we did last year but this time we're giving ourselves more than 3 days to learn. Our friend Amber plays violin and sings so we're going to do 3-part harmony with guitar and violin.

But one of the highlights of the week was our blind taste test of Sprite and 7-Up. Amber and Devin were having a debate as to which is better so we decided to put it to the test. We bought a bunch of junk food to set the stage and a pallet cleanser and we were ready for action. After each of us tested both we came to a majority consensus that 7-Up is the better of the two but if you go back and forth between the two than after about 3 tastes they literally taste the same. People can disagree but honestly, Sprite tastes like 7-Up watered down with Club Soda. All in all, it was a successful experiment. Till next week!

- Steven

PS. sorry about these unrelated photos, we neglected taking pictures of any of the things which were interesting to write about haha...