Chapter 13: The Return of Gilmore Girls

The highlights of this week were steaks (again), rock climbing, Christmas shopping and last but definitely not least, Gilmore Girls day. With the Christmas season on the horizon we've been warming up our vocal chords to carol in the Christmas season. Heather, Amber and I have been working on a rendition of The First Noel in the back ground but somehow we've been recruited to sing in 3 separate Christmas musical numbers having not sung for anyone yet. You tell one person you were in a band...

img_2830_editimg_2786But we've really been getting into the Christmas spirit. In preparation for our Christmas vacation I've been trying to hone my steak skills cause no one wants to be practicing on a vacation dinner. It's resulted in steak 4 times in 8 days so I'm pretty happy :) We also want to start making some holiday treats so if you've got any recipes please share them with us! Meals, deserts, treats, we welcome them all.

It's really different having snow more than a month before Christmas. Although it was miserable to commute to work in there's something really magical when you're looking for a Christmas tree with snow all around you. Heather and I have started stewing on gifts for one another. This has been quite the year of gift giving for the two of us; rings, to name a few. So we're trying to celebrate Christmas on a budget. It feels so much more difficult to be sneaky but I feel like Heather is upping her sneaky game. She's a sssssnaaaaake. The first gift has appeared in our apartment wrapped and ready to be placed under a tree. So now we need a tree. We went down to the Atwater Market near our place which has a ton of local shops selling anything from cheese, meats, breads or even trees. I learned about two different trees that they're selling down at the market. The first is the Fraser tree which has a bluish tint to it's needles. These trees tend to be very full and last between 4-5 weeks. The second is the Balsam tree which is more fragrant but has less needles than the Fraser. They tend to last only 3 weeks. I think we're leaning towards the Fraser trees but they are a little more expensive. Wouldn't it be so picturesque bringing a tree home with snow falling all around. I love Christmas.


But the highlight for Heather would have to have been Gilmore Girls day. She's been waiting years for this so as soon as she got word that there was gonna be a reboot she started planning. This culminated in a opulent evening of sweets, treats and comfort food. She and a number of the girls in the ward got together and had a potluck style binge fest and pounded out as much as they could and then the next day Heather and Amber finished the rest of them off. We went on a hunt for pop tarts to complete the arsenal of junk food Heather was bringing to the party but after looking in 4 stores we were still empty handed. But I managed to sneak away and find another store which carried them and surprise Heather. I love surprising her. That's one of my favourite things. 27 days till Christmas!

- Steven