Chapter 14: super stechy sushi

This week is kinda funny, we pretty much did everything we normally would do in Vancouver! Montreal, y u no hav yummy sushi?!?! Oh you do? Oh wait, its so expensive I just will keep pretending it doesn't exist. Because there is no way I can justify it... We found a groupon for an all you can eat sushi place, and decided to go with Denmber (Devin and Amber). We were really excited... until we got there. It was DEAD, in a weird part of town, and definitely looked a little sketchy. But as we had already purchased our groupons and were soooo hungry we went ahead and got our food. Probably the worst sushi either of us has ever had! So, the search for well priced, sized and tasty sushi continues. (Vancouver we miss you!)

Friday - We escaped!!! We went to an escape room here called A-maze (clever right?)  Escape rooms are pretty much exactly what they sound like. You let yourself get locked in a room with people and you have to investigate to find the way out. You look for hints and passwords and keys until you finally get out or you time runs out. and we got out so fast! apparently we are in the 25th percentile. (granted it was the easiest room there but still proud none the less.) It was the lost temple themed one so we were feeling like Indiana Jones which was so fun. before we did the escape room we entertained ourselves by playing a few rousing rounds of Jenga (see video!)

More christmas presents are arriving in the mail, being wrapped and now are sitting together in our living room, and we are getting SUPER excited to get to open them! or rather Steven is, since all the wrapped gifts out there are from me to him haha. I'm on top of it this year, what can I say!

img_8034img_1767-2Saturday we really needed a day at home doing all the things we keep meaning to do but don't since we are never home. Part of that included making christmas decorations!! We are so happy with how they turned out, we made stockings and a throw pillow cover, and some pictures to go in frames. Next step make decorations for the tree! and get a tree. We also did a little christmas baking - we made this amazing recipe for pumpkin cheesecake bars, we HIGHLY recommend. YUM.

We spent today rehearsing all the musical numbers we will be performing this coming Saturday at the stake musical fireside, then went to the house of some lovely friends and ate food and watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. It was a really nice evening!

well Im sorry if this post was boring or brief, I missed my nap today and I am fading fast...