Chapter 18: Ghetto Chinese Food = Bliss

This week was both of our first week back at work but we had Monday off so we took things pretty chill before we started work. We also decided to finally bring our bikes in out of the snow which should have happened weeks ago. The way that our bikes were locked some water had leaked into our locks and froze so we actually could get our keys inside. After struggling for a few moments, Heather came out with her hair dryer and the sideshow began. I'm sure I would have found it entertaining to see people struggling with a hair dryer outside trying to thaw their locks in -10 degree weather so I hope we were able to bring some entertainment to passer byers.

This week also happened to be the week that Heather got sick. She's ran a mild fever for a good portion of the week but went to work anyway and toughed it out the whole week. She's been getting a lot of great reviews on the shots she's finished on her new movie. This week she did a face replacement (where she replaced the actors face with a digital double to cover up an unflattering facial expression) and her lead and head of the department said it was fantastic! The client said they weren't going to use the shot after all but the department head said they should put it in anyways because it was so good.

After her exhausting days of work, Heather would come home, eat and sleep because she was just so exhausted from her ailment..except for one night. I went out rock climbing and she said she would be asleep when I got home because she was gonna pop a couple Nyquils to help her sleep better - I got home at 10:30pm and was greeted with, "You're home!!!" Heather was sitting wide awake in bed because the Nyquils she had taken nearly an hour early had made her more awake and she was having the hardest time. After concluding that she had in fact taken Nyquil and not it's non-drowsy, daytime counterpart, I suggested she take some Melatonin to help her get to sleep. She protested saying she wasn't sure if taking Melatonin was actually good to help you sleep and then rolled over and was asleep before I could consult WebMD on the matter. But she was very good at making sure she got enough rest to get better. Now I'm just waiting for this imminent sickness to befall me. It's usually how getting sick runs in our household. One of us gets sick and the other toughs it out and the virus adapts and gets the other person sick and then by the time the other gets better the virus has adapted enough to get the first person sick again. Such is life. Everyone is sick right now.

After a long week we took things pretty easy on the weekend. We cleaned the apartment and started watching a new TV show on Netflix called "Dirk Gently - Holistic Detective" which is amazing! We ended up binge watching it and around 5pm we both realized we hadn't really eaten food all day so I turned to Heather and suggested delivery she her face lit up and then I said, "Chinese food?" and she got so excited. It was exactly what we wanted but we had never ordered delivery at our new place so we started doing research. Turns out that researching food with Heather is a bit of an ordeal; mostly to keep her focused at the task on hand. I suggested a few restaurants and each one she replied, "it's not ghetto enough." We finally decided on a restaurant around 8pm and we ordered from the first restaurant we had looked at. But the Chinese food was exactly what we wanted - just ghetto enough and just MSG enough to satisfy our lazy day in Montreal.

Till next week,

- Steven