Chapter 20: Potato Donuts, Pirates and Pervy Mustache's


These last couple of weeks have been packed! First off, I shave my face and like most men who haven't shaved in a long time, I tried several styles before cutting it all off. I mean, when else do I get to have a moustache and not feel like a perv. Below are the many looks of Steven's facial hair. Let us know which is your favourite facial hairs. What do you think of the mustache? Heather says no but I say, one day.. But honestly, it is so cold when I go outside. New goal: don't shave for the rest of the winter. After shaving Heather cut my hair and she did a great job! She was so worried about it but she was so quick and it looked so good! She's got such a good eye for visual arts so I wasn't worried. Apparently, I was pretty fidgety at the beginning but she gave me an iPad and Netflix and I was as subdued as a pacified kitten.


At work we just launched a big video marketing campaign for one of our subsidiarity companies named Outro where we're going to be releasing one video a day for the month of February. Outro is a new online music collaboration software which enables musicians to collaborate across the globe. It's been so much fun doing this campaign because I've been able to meet some amazing musicians, producers and performers and have been shooting both at Outro HQ and other studios and locations around the city. I don't think I have been in this many studios even when I was playing music full-time. If you want to watch the videos you can check them out on the Outro Facebook page.

Ethan in visiting!!! He arrived Monday and has been travelling around to Quebec City and all over Montreal but it's been such a blast having him here! Yesterday we went to Fete Des Neige which is Montreal's winter festival with Amber and Devin. One of the highlights was the potato donuts. I know they don't sound incredibly appealing at first but they are fluffy and fried and delicious! We had them when we were at La Ronde, the Six Flags amusement park, back in October and they were to die for! Every time we go somewhere with food trucks we always talk about these potato donuts so when we arrived it only took a few moments to find/smell the truck on the other side of the park. We got a dozen to split between Ethan, Heather and myself and that was too many potato donuts.. #worthit.


Fete Des Neige was so much fun! They had so many different activities like life-sized foosball, ball hockey and an ice skating path through a forest-like area. I really wanted to do the skating but we don't have any skates. One of my highlights though was a sport called dodge bow which is literally dodge ball but with bows and arrows! If you ever get a chance to play I highly recommend it. You wear ski masks and shoot each other with foam-tipped arrows. They also had a pirate ship made of ice and instead of planks they had ice slides! That was Heather's favourite. She could have ridden those slides for hours and not get cold. I had a chance to share my inner Captain Hook at the helm of the ship shouting things like, "Shmee!" and "Dirty Bilgerat! Good times.


Today we watched the Super Bowl for the very first time ever! It involved an excessive amount of junk food and veggies and hummus (I brought the hummus. It's my mother coming out in me). We were rooting for the Falcons. They lost but we were honestly only watching it for the Lady Ga Ga performance during the half-time show. If you haven't watched it, go watch it. She's fabulous!

In other news, it's Heather's birthday!!!!! HEATHER IS OFFICIALLY A QUARTER OF A CENTURY OLD!!! It's always a treat to treat her especially cause she's so hard to surprise so it's so satisfying when I can pull it off. She's so pretty. Isn't she so pretty. She's my wife :) and I love her.

Till next week,