Chapter 22: Be Mine Valentime's

Happy belated Valentine's Day! Heather and I made each other homemade valentine's cards. You be the judge of who did it best ;)

For valentine's day we tried to do things for each other instead of spending a lot of money. I started the day by getting up early and making Heather chocolate and banana pancakes and a fruit smoothie and served her breakfast in bed. It's a staple that I learned very young from my dad - if you want to show your wife you love her bring her food in bed.

When Heather and I first moved out here she had macaroons for the first time and it's been a nice treat for us since then. I search around Montreal for the best macaroons and settled on Divine Chocolatier and they were fantastic! I then rushed home and set to making dinner for her. The spread consisted of shepherds pie, Caprice Des Dieux cheese and baguette and chocolate fondu. Everything turned out really well except for the fondu which was essentially a rich drinking chocolate which was used to dip fruit and marshmallows.

For my valentine Heather gave me her beautiful handmade card, which she had made at work using her lunch breaks and a travel set of watercolours, along with a couple Chinese BBQ pork buns called cha-sew bows which are some of my favourite treats from growing up. Recently, we had discovered a Chinese bakery that sold cha-sew bows and I told Heather how excited I was that we found a place that sold them so on Valentine's day she went in search for the little bakery so she could surprise me with this delicious treat. When I first opened the bag my first thought was, why did she buy me donuts for valen...OH!!!!! I love how thoughtful she is.

Yesterday Heather and I celebrated six month of marriage together. I can't believe that it's already been six months that we've been married. The other day I was leaving for work and looking around our little home and thinking to myself, I love our small home we've built together. Moving to Montreal immediately after getting married was not ideal but throwing ourselves into an adventure together that was all our own has been life changing. In this short time we've been here we've learned so much about building a life together, planning, habits (good and bad), compromise, communication and how to make one another smile. People say the first year in marriage is the hardest - if that's the case we're doing pretty good :)

In celebration of our six month anniversary here are photos from our wedding.

Till next week,

- Steven