Chapter 23: And The Oscar Goes to...

This post may be a little short and sweet, because we are currently watching the Oscars! I'm writing this during the red carpet, so between checking out the fabulous dresses (and scary ones haha) I'll try and get this written. For my birthday my parents treated us to a fancy dinner with our best friends here Amber and Devin. It was for this cool restaurant called Dans Le Noir, where you eat in complete darkness, and all the servers are blind. Its supposed to make you rely more heavily on your sense of taste, because without being able to identify what you're about to put in your mouth before you do, your brain has no pre-conceived notions about what taste to expect. You take a bite, and its like "Wow! What a delicious thing! what the heck is it... oooh, its a carrot! How... exotic?" haha we had so much fun. It was surprisingly loud in there too. I guess because you cant see each other's lips, people feel they need to talk way louder to hear each other. Anyways, it was a blast!

Steven and I saw the movie Split this week, and we would HIGHLY recommend!! James McCavoy was incredible. It wasn't as scary as the preview made it look, which was a relief, but it was super suspenseful. That's one movie I think we will end up buying, it was so good. We felt like it had a similar vibe to 10 Cloverfield lane

Another great movie I got to see this week was called 20th Century Woman. I met up with Amber and Devin to see it, while Steven went to band practice. 20th Century Woman is about the relationship between a mother and son as he starts to go through his teenage years. There is a rag tag group of friends and boarders who become like family, which I always love. It talks a lot about feminism, life's disappointments, and what does it mean to be a "good man/woman", and so really, who couldn't love that movie!

We had a party Saturday, and still hadn't cleaned the house or gotten food or decorations finished on Friday I started to worry a little. I nearly had to work Saturday, but because I was really on top of things that week, when it came time to see what I had outstanding on all my shots, there were no surprises and I was on top of it all! So that may never happen again, it was a blessing and just really a prefect combination of a lot of things, but thankfully I didn't need to go into work and could get everything done we needed to instead. I FINALLY printed some wedding/engagement photos While Steven had another band practice in the morning. After he finished his practice, he went and picked up our groceries and a bookshelf we had bought on Kijiji. Meanwhile I cleaned like a fiend, and put photos into frames to hang. It may be one of the most productive days we have had in a while! Just as Steven was on his way back from picking up our new little bookshelf, (which i adore) all of a sudden, there was rain. I tried to find another way to phrase that, but I think I'm leaving it, as it captures how it felt more accurately haha! It was so crazy, and he got stuck at the metro only a few blocks from home because he was worried about taking a wooden bookshelf into the torrential downpour. I brought garbage bags and ran through the sheets of water to go meet him, thinking the bags could keep it dry as we walked it home. It was a great idea, just would have required some much larger garbage bags than we had on hand. We gave up with the bags and just tried to get home as fast as we possibly could. We then attacked the bookshelf, making sure every nook and cranny was dry! We got so lucky, and it looks like its all fine :) Funny how a simple addition of a bookshelf can make a space suddenly so much more homey!

We had a blast at the party later that day. People brought snacks, and we feasted and played a game, took silly photos in the photo booth and since it was an Oscars themed party, some of us even dressed up as different movie characters! We love hosting these parties (Especially because it forces us to do some of the housework we put off otherwise haha)

Anyways, this is getting really long, and I'm getting really tired so I'll just wrap this up quickly. We watched the oscars live, and what a crazy thing! Man, of all the years to watch, this was the one to do it. Congrats to Moonlight, and to La La Land, who handled everything with extreme grace and poise.