Chapter 24: Where NOT To Get Your Hair Cut in Montreal

Hey guys, apologies for the absence the past week. It's been a very full/emotional couple of weeks. I'm gonna start with a rant; last Saturday, Heather went to get her haircut at a salon in town called Fanny O and got the worst haircut of her life. Her and Amber went to the salon for an 11:30am appointment and her stylist didn't even arrive for an hour and a half. She was supposed to be at work between 1 and 2pm and she told them when she arrived and they assured her that it wouldn't be much longer. The only reason she stuck around was because Amber was there and was already being helped. At about 1:30pm she was finally helped and she brought reference photos and asked to have a little off the front and a lot of texture in the back. The appointment didn't finish until 3pm and she was devastated when she realized her haircut looked like a 1980's shag; lots of layers in the front and a little off the back. She called me in tears and I was livid. I begged her to come home and call in a sick day but her lead was panicking cause she wasn't able to get ahold of her and they're in the final days of production so she went to work regardless.

I was fuming. I couldn't believe how mad I was about the whole situation. I went into this protective mode where I would not let this slide. I called the salon and demanded to speak to the owner and when they told me she wasn't in on the weekend I began drafting a formal complaint for the appalling service she had received. Since then I've spoken to the owner and we're waiting to receive a full refund for the atrocious service. If you're in Montreal and are looking for a salon, DO NOT go to Fanny O!

Rant over.

This week has been really validating for me at work. We've been working on a really large project and I've been receiving a massive amount of positive feedback and praise for my work. I can't say much on it but it's just been a huge blessing finding this job so quickly after moving to Montreal especially the fact that I don't need to speak French. Heather and I decided to celebrate with cha siu baos(I think the spelling correct, Google says it's correct, I think) and other tasty Chinese treats. And to top it all off, we saw Logan this week and it was AMAZING!!! No spoilers but if you haven't seen it you should see it!

Tonight Heather and I got to prepare a lesson for a Standards Night for the youth in the church here. We got to speak on friends and dating(ooooooooo). It was a lot of fun. This is the first time Heather and I have taught a lesson together and it didn't turn out half bad. We started by bribing the children with chocolate to participate, which is always a great idea, and then compared choosing your friends to choosing a good chocolate bar. Not really, but we talked about how we develop tastes and preferences throughout life and we need to know what they are when choosing friends. We also told the kids that they shouldn't even consider marrying someone until you've had a really good fight with them. When my mom asked me how I knew I wanted to marry Heather I told her, "we know how to fight."

One of the highlights of the lesson was a comparison chart of infatuation vs. love. Let us know what you think.



  1. Worry and suspicion
  2. Rushed - someone might steal them away
  3. Always wanting to be alone together
  4. The physical desire to be together is a priority.
  1. Trust
  2. Calm - No hurry
  3. Able to enjoy group/family activities
  4. Friends first, sweethearts second

It's also gotten really cold here again. I was bragging the other day about how there was no more snow and then it dropped to -20 c. Let's hope if doesn't get colder(knock on wood). Till next week,

- Steven