Chapter 27: Teeth Whitening with Charcoal

Heather and I are still going strong on our resolve to go one month with out eating anything with added or refined sugars. It's been really good in increasing accountability in the things that we eat. We have been more aware of the ingredients that go into our bodies as well as on how creative we need to be with our snacks. Although, the saddest thing has happened...SPICY CHEETOS HAVE SUGAR IN THEM!!!!!!! If you haven't had them before, there are spicy cheetos which up till recently I believed were only available in the US but a friend sent me a picture of those very spicy cheetos in a convenient store 15 minutes from my work. I bought 3 bags. Shortly after getting on the bus with my treasure in hand I pulled them out with an afterthought that I should check to make sure they didn't have added sugar and to my horror they did. I'll have to wait till cheat day. This week Heather has been a champ. She's at the end of production on the movie she's assigned to and is one of the few members of her department who were kept on to put the finishing touches on the last few shots. But with that she's been putting in some crazy hours. She had to work Saturday and perhaps leaving me alone was not the wisest of things. Every now and again you get that urge to do something. A force other than yourself driving you. That happened to me yesterday...with cooking. I texted Heather and 9:30am saying, I want to cook. She thought I was going to make lunch for myself or something of that nature. She was wrong. Instead she came home to a macaroni casserole, a lasagne, a Lebanese garlic sauce and all the ingredients for sushi. Needless to say, LUNCH FOR DAYS!!!!!!!

Have you heard of that new fad of using activated charcoal to whiten your teeth? Look it up, you'll find an insane number of pictures of people who look like they've got mouths of Uruk-hai orcs from Lord of the Rings. Activated charcoal has some incredibly absorbent qualities. There are stories of people taking fatal doses of poison with activated charcoal and surviving because the charcoal absorbs the toxins. It's also good to have around if ever you get food poisoning #lifehack. So the idea with the teeth whitening is you put the charcoal on your toothbrush and brush for 5 minutes and the charcoal is supposed to remove stains from your teeth. Heather and I both tried it and saw a noticeable difference after 2 uses. Only downside though, it tends to leave your gums pretty raw afterwards. 5 minutes is quite long to be brushing anything. Next time we might try the method of brushing and letting the charcoal sit instead of brushing the whole 5 minutes.

We were pretty social this week, like, much more than usual. Heather helped some friends move and had girls night, I had band practice and then we went over to a couple from church's place today for dinner/General Conference. We had a lot of fun. They had invited a ton of people over to their place for dinner before General Conference and they cooked dinner for everyone! It was great food too. We ate way too much. Good food, good people, good General Conference, good week.

Till next week, -Steven