Chapter 19: Barbegazi and the rest

Honestly, we completely forgot to make a post last week. Sorry y'all! We'll do our best to get this working again. So last week was pretty tame, the most exciting thing being Barbegazi. The word Barbegazi refers to a mythical french and Swiss creature and the words Barbegazi come from is something like "barbe gelée" or "frozen beard". Its like a bearded man/Sasquatch on skis? ...That's also blue? ...Clearly we were confused about it haha. So its pretty much just a winter activity festival. We heard about it the day before we went, and thought it could be fun. Turns out, it was a super high budget event that had only a fraction of the expected attendance, so that was awesome! Short lines, and lots to do. There was a McDonalds cart giving out free hot chocolate, big fire pits, arm wrestling stations, wood cutting competitions, tree tossing, and lastly and most importantly... an obstacle race! The best part? IT WAS ALL FREE.

Steven and I went with Amber and Devin, and the boys were just so jazzed about it. Stevens got a video to put here about it, it was a blast. Amber and I felt we were best serving as camera people, because of how slick the icy snow was. The boys got kinda banged up, and Steven got a bloody nose, but it was worth it.

We went and saw a couple movies the past two weeks, which always makes for a good week. Steven found that he loves quinoa salads, and consequentially we ate a ton of quinoa haha. I like them too, but Steven was suuuper excited, because those are the sorts of things adults get excited about I suppose. quinoa. salads. Steven has been killing it at work lately. He works for a company that kind of loans him out to other companies they have under their wing. Most of them have loved his work, and been really easy for him to access what they want. But there was one company, which was a little trickier. This week they pitched an ad campaign and Steven delivered some videos to them for it and they lost it! it was an amazing response and he was so proud. He feels like hes getting the hang of their style now and what they like with their branding which is really rewarding!

In other news, this Saturday we spent a few hours watching a live stream of the Women's March on Washington. When we first tuned in, there was a man speaking and my first thought was "of course. women's march, and yet a man is the speaker. of course." but after he finished speaking, a woman got up, and She was intelligent, powerful, and articulate. Then another woman got up, and she too was formidable. Then another, and another. after about an hour and a dozen women and three men, I thought, "This is how men feel, like ALL of the time." I got really emotional and felt a commitment to be one of those women. I want to be one of those women in my community, in my work and in my church. At work, there are more women than I expected, and more women in positions of power than I expected. I have been working on a show that has powerful women in it. It has been a thrill and a blessing to be able to look up to such women and know that I don't need to be the first. I can walk the path that many have blazed for me.

Speaking of work, This has been a wonderful two weeks. I have finally feel like I have settled into a pattern. I was feeling like I could take on more work, so I asked for more. I was given a little, and a little more and then all at once my work load was doubled, but I held up under it! I hope I can make myself indispensable by the end of the year. I want to be the person, that when something needs to be done, and done right, you ask Heather to do it.

I don't usually come up with resolutions per se, but I for the past few years I have picked a word to focus on trying to live better through that year. Last year I wanted to be more Engaged in my endeavours, the year before I wanted to be more Disciplined. This year, my word is Commitment. Working on my commitment to my relationships with the people I love, being more committed to excellence, more committed to the things I love and making time for them. I love this practice of choosing a word because at different times in the year it means different things to me. For instance, I chose the word Engaged last year, because I wanted to work on how I scattered I was feeling. I wanted to be more engaged at work, and later in the year when Steven proposed that word took on a very different meaning. That's the most obvious example but the word does gain meaning through this year and I highly recommend it. I would love to hear if you have any words you would like to choose to focus on this year!



Chapter 18: Ghetto Chinese Food = Bliss

This week was both of our first week back at work but we had Monday off so we took things pretty chill before we started work. We also decided to finally bring our bikes in out of the snow which should have happened weeks ago. The way that our bikes were locked some water had leaked into our locks and froze so we actually could get our keys inside. After struggling for a few moments, Heather came out with her hair dryer and the sideshow began. I'm sure I would have found it entertaining to see people struggling with a hair dryer outside trying to thaw their locks in -10 degree weather so I hope we were able to bring some entertainment to passer byers.

This week also happened to be the week that Heather got sick. She's ran a mild fever for a good portion of the week but went to work anyway and toughed it out the whole week. She's been getting a lot of great reviews on the shots she's finished on her new movie. This week she did a face replacement (where she replaced the actors face with a digital double to cover up an unflattering facial expression) and her lead and head of the department said it was fantastic! The client said they weren't going to use the shot after all but the department head said they should put it in anyways because it was so good.

After her exhausting days of work, Heather would come home, eat and sleep because she was just so exhausted from her ailment..except for one night. I went out rock climbing and she said she would be asleep when I got home because she was gonna pop a couple Nyquils to help her sleep better - I got home at 10:30pm and was greeted with, "You're home!!!" Heather was sitting wide awake in bed because the Nyquils she had taken nearly an hour early had made her more awake and she was having the hardest time. After concluding that she had in fact taken Nyquil and not it's non-drowsy, daytime counterpart, I suggested she take some Melatonin to help her get to sleep. She protested saying she wasn't sure if taking Melatonin was actually good to help you sleep and then rolled over and was asleep before I could consult WebMD on the matter. But she was very good at making sure she got enough rest to get better. Now I'm just waiting for this imminent sickness to befall me. It's usually how getting sick runs in our household. One of us gets sick and the other toughs it out and the virus adapts and gets the other person sick and then by the time the other gets better the virus has adapted enough to get the first person sick again. Such is life. Everyone is sick right now.

After a long week we took things pretty easy on the weekend. We cleaned the apartment and started watching a new TV show on Netflix called "Dirk Gently - Holistic Detective" which is amazing! We ended up binge watching it and around 5pm we both realized we hadn't really eaten food all day so I turned to Heather and suggested delivery she her face lit up and then I said, "Chinese food?" and she got so excited. It was exactly what we wanted but we had never ordered delivery at our new place so we started doing research. Turns out that researching food with Heather is a bit of an ordeal; mostly to keep her focused at the task on hand. I suggested a few restaurants and each one she replied, "it's not ghetto enough." We finally decided on a restaurant around 8pm and we ordered from the first restaurant we had looked at. But the Chinese food was exactly what we wanted - just ghetto enough and just MSG enough to satisfy our lazy day in Montreal.

Till next week,

- Steven


Chapter 17: We're Back!

Hey y'all! We had an amazing Christmas, and didn't want to interrupt Christmas day with a post, so today is a double dose kind of a day. We will tag team this one, tackling one week each. First up, covering Christmas day is Steven!

This was our first Christmas as a married couple and sadly we weren’t able to make it home for the holidays. Leading up to Christmas we experienced a huge wave of emotions since it's Christmas time but we knew we weren’t going to be able to spend it with our families. For both Heather and myself, this time of the year has always been very family centred and both of our families have Christmas traditions which we knew we weren’t going to be able to take part in being so far away so we decided that we ought to take this opportunity to start creating our own family traditions and what better tradition to start with than good food.

Heather thought it wasteful to cook a whole turkey for just the two of us (I disagreed but marriage is all about compromise) so we looked for something smaller. At the bucherie the butcher suggested a roti de dinde which translates to turkey roast - It’s a turkey for 2! At Atwater Marche, our local farmers market, we picked up some fresh thyme and rosemary, some nice cheese and other goodies for our holiday meals. We also bought some oranges for our stockings - Fact: stockings must have oranges; they fit perfectly in the toe*

We made so many delicious things - to start we made gingerbread cookies on Christmas Eve from a recipe Heather's mom gave her. We had no reference of how many cookies the recipe would make so we ended up with at least four dozen - COOKIES FOR DAYS!!!! Then we put together an adorable spread of cheeses, meats, olives, crackers, strawberries, spanakopita and bubbly. We munched on that while watching Home Alone (the first one of course) and later opened one gift each before Skyping home with our families. Heather's family has a tradition where we read Christmas stories and then the nativity so we were able to join in on that. There's one touching story that makes Carol (Heather's mom) cry every time she reads it. She took on the brave task of reading it this year, that is, until she fell apart and had Mark finish it because she couldn't. The evening continued to the point where Heather was straitening my hair because her brother and I wanted to see who could look more pervy. He won (it's all in the centre part), but I looked super Asian (#heritage). After Skyping we wrapped up for the night and left out a plate of cookies and chocolate out for Santa.

On Christmas, we went to church where we got to sing in the choir to invite the Christmas spirit and then came home and made the best french toast we've ever eaten! It's all in the ingredients - if you can find some, buy real light-maple syrup. It makes all the difference. We bought some fresh bread so we could cut thick slices and then ate it with strawberries and real whipped cream. AMAZING!!!! Then we opened our gifts.

I love how Heather gives gifts. She'll listen so intently to small things I talk about and then tuck that information away for later. Ages ago I had been telling her about how sometimes when we're climbing it's a little straining on my neck to look up while belaying the whole time so for Christmas she bought me these mirror glasses that help me see the climber without having to strain my neck! So perfect! She also got me a lapel pin and some new tie clips because I told her a lot of my ties are too narrow for the one tie clip I own. For Heather, I gave her the new Harry Potter book with some fleece-lined jeans because, for anyone who knows Heather, she loves being warm more than most things so she loved them.

Then we made our roti de dinde which we made with garlic, potatoes, onions and carrots and then baked it in butter because butter ;) We couldn't find an exact recipe that we liked so we just browned the roast, covered it in fresh sprigs and threw it in the oven. Then we ate it with steamed veggies and baked mashed sweet potatoes with marshmallows. I could have eaten that whole roast by myself but I shared because love.

This was a really special Christmas. Though we were both sad that we weren't able to be with family this Christmas we had each other. Having just gotten married and moved away we don't really have a lot so it was pretty stripped down and it became an opportunity to focus on the things that matter most. On our wall we have a painting hanging which Heather made which says, "If my heart was a house you'd be home." It's a lyric from an Owl City song which made me sceptical because Owl City but I've been thinking about that a lot this holiday season. Moving out here immediately after being married has been a big challenge. We've had to learn to adapt and compromise and there have definitely been hard times but they're outweighed by the fact that I'm facing them with my best friend. It's been hard making our humble place our home but Heather has my heart so whenever I'm with her I'm home.

Tag team Heather*

After Christmas was over we got packed up for a little skiing up at Mont Tremblant, a "mountain" about an hour and a half away from Montreal. I say "mountain" because for us Rockies kids it was so little! How adorable! In all honesty though, the whole mini mountain thing is really nice on your car, and they compensate for the elevation by having these giant snow makers all over that are blowing out hot steam which turns to snow when it hits the freezing air outside. It makes for a pretty uncomfortable ski lift ride being blasted with wet snow, but its worth it to have constant fresh powder!

So in preparing for this trip, we mentioned that we would be skiing for Steven's 30th birthday to his brother Joe. Joe was SO excited for Steven, and I didn't see why he was quite so excited. You see, Steven had led me to believe he had been skiing before a few times, so it wasn't as if this was really a new experience or anything... Turns out Steven has been cross-country skiing. Not downhill skiing. NOT THE SAME. Like at all. So upon arriving at the ski hill and spending forever getting rentals and all that sorted out we finally made it to the slopes. I couldn't see a bunny hill, but since he had "totally been skiing before a few times" I figured we would be okay anyways. I knew I would probably need to give him some pointers and remind him to pizza but since he had gone skiing about 15 years earlier I thought it would come back and then we would be good to go. As it turned out, he had no idea what he was doing. but at this point, we were already up at the top of the hill, so there is not a lot to do about it but learn on the slope! Steven is a really good ice skater so I knew that he would be able to get skiing pretty quickly, but I did worry when I saw how badly he was doing at first. The very first thing you learn to do when you put on a pair of skis is to point your toes together and "Pizza" your way down the hill. It's basically a snow plow and slows you down. For some reason, Steven could not get it. He would try, get scared, hockey stop and fall onto his hip. (He has a pretty epic bruise as proof!) I could see him getting frustrated but trying to be positive. Then all of a sudden, he just got it. Not the pizza, (that took a whole day longer) but he got skiing. I was teaching him to zig-zag his way down because it was more like skating, and as soon as he got it, he really got it. We were in business! zipping down the mountain weaving back and forth. It was the craziest thing to watch as he evolved! That first run took probably 1.5 hours (instead of the 15 minutes it took after that) but after that it was pretty much smooth sailing for Steven! He has been officially converted and may never snowboard again :)

We were staying at this lovely cabin for two nights while we were in Tremblant, and it was ADORABLE. I could not have been happier. It reminded me so much of our Lake house, but smaller, Quebecois, and with heated floors haha. The owner Claude had a garden where he grew his own produce and chamomile teas. He had chickens who provided the eggs at the all organic and locally sourced breakfast provided every morning. The whole experience was so relaxing and we were so in love with it.


Our only contentions were the lack of wifi - which would have been fine if we had planned for it, but because we weren't expecting it we had a hard time structuring our time at first. Fortunately, we had brought some books up with us and did a lot of reading out loud together which is always my favourite way to spend our rare spare time. When we were little my mom would buy a series of books and give us kids each one of the books in our stockings for Christmas, and this year my mom sent us a box set of one of our families favourite series when we were young: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles, by Patricia C Wrede. If you want a fun series to read with your kids, I would highly recommend this one. The female characters are strong-willed, smart, kind, practical, ambitious and brave. I think it is fair to say these books shaped me in a lot of ways. They were the beginning of my feminism - hands down - and it has been really interesting to go back to them and find myself looking back off the pages. I looked up to the headstrong, witty main character. A woman who knows what she wants for her life and is fearless about asking for it. It was humbling to realise that although It wasn't natural for me, over time I have become a confidant, articulate person much like the ones I looked up to from the pages of the books I read as a young girl. (And as a side note - my brothers all loved these books as well, boys can love stories with strong female characters too!)


We had so much fun skiing, and took our time on the drive home. We were so tired we pulled over and took a nap half way home, even though it was only a 2 hour drive haha! We spent the next few days relaxing (Because we couldn't physically do much anyways haha) we ran errands and had an accidental Starwars marathon. After watching Rogue One we reeeeeaaaally wanted to watch episode 4, which we were able to do thanks to our friend Sam. (long story..) Then because we had some more time on our hands  we watched episode 5, and after that it was like well... we're almost done... we might as well make it an official marathon... haha. We did that last year too, its becoming a bit of a tradition.

Speaking of traditions, New Years is actually a pretty special holiday for us. We have known each other for years and knew of each other for longer than that through friends of friends. It took a long time for us to realise we should go on a date and even longer for that to stick, but one of the most significant nights in our early courtship was New Years eve. It happened very spontaneously, we ended going dancing with two friends. After dancing for a few hours our companions were tired, while we wanted to watch a movie... So we dropped them off and proceeded to have a spontaneous unforgettable adventure. Since we watched a movie together that year, last year we watched jaws, and this year we watched 2001: A Space Odyssy.

After our movie we went to Vieux Port where they were having a giant dance party/concert thing. It was incredibly fun. We didn't really know any of the acts, but they were all quite short so if you weren't into one, it was only like 15 minutes long anyways! There were like at least 4 acts an hour for two hours I would guess. The funniest was near the end when the performers started doing what we are assuming were traditional Quebecois songs? About drinking and about meat pies? Anyways it was amazing and hilarious, and some of the performers had lyric sheets, while the audience knew all the words! it was awesome.

The highlights of the night were the giant Coca-cola bottle ice sculpture, free cokes and light stick things, and CONFETTI CANNONS. Here's a picture of me loosing my mind. Really all you need to know how I felt about that magical moment. We watched the fireworks and had a kiss at midnight, and pretty much its gonna be a terrific year. 2016 may have been bad for some things, but for me and Steven it has been one heck of a year to beat.

Cheers, Merry Christmas, Happy New Years

Heather and Steven