Chapter 18: Ghetto Chinese Food = Bliss

This week was both of our first week back at work but we had Monday off so we took things pretty chill before we started work. We also decided to finally bring our bikes in out of the snow which should have happened weeks ago. The way that our bikes were locked some water had leaked into our locks and froze so we actually could get our keys inside. After struggling for a few moments, Heather came out with her hair dryer and the sideshow began. I'm sure I would have found it entertaining to see people struggling with a hair dryer outside trying to thaw their locks in -10 degree weather so I hope we were able to bring some entertainment to passer byers.

This week also happened to be the week that Heather got sick. She's ran a mild fever for a good portion of the week but went to work anyway and toughed it out the whole week. She's been getting a lot of great reviews on the shots she's finished on her new movie. This week she did a face replacement (where she replaced the actors face with a digital double to cover up an unflattering facial expression) and her lead and head of the department said it was fantastic! The client said they weren't going to use the shot after all but the department head said they should put it in anyways because it was so good.

After her exhausting days of work, Heather would come home, eat and sleep because she was just so exhausted from her ailment..except for one night. I went out rock climbing and she said she would be asleep when I got home because she was gonna pop a couple Nyquils to help her sleep better - I got home at 10:30pm and was greeted with, "You're home!!!" Heather was sitting wide awake in bed because the Nyquils she had taken nearly an hour early had made her more awake and she was having the hardest time. After concluding that she had in fact taken Nyquil and not it's non-drowsy, daytime counterpart, I suggested she take some Melatonin to help her get to sleep. She protested saying she wasn't sure if taking Melatonin was actually good to help you sleep and then rolled over and was asleep before I could consult WebMD on the matter. But she was very good at making sure she got enough rest to get better. Now I'm just waiting for this imminent sickness to befall me. It's usually how getting sick runs in our household. One of us gets sick and the other toughs it out and the virus adapts and gets the other person sick and then by the time the other gets better the virus has adapted enough to get the first person sick again. Such is life. Everyone is sick right now.

After a long week we took things pretty easy on the weekend. We cleaned the apartment and started watching a new TV show on Netflix called "Dirk Gently - Holistic Detective" which is amazing! We ended up binge watching it and around 5pm we both realized we hadn't really eaten food all day so I turned to Heather and suggested delivery she her face lit up and then I said, "Chinese food?" and she got so excited. It was exactly what we wanted but we had never ordered delivery at our new place so we started doing research. Turns out that researching food with Heather is a bit of an ordeal; mostly to keep her focused at the task on hand. I suggested a few restaurants and each one she replied, "it's not ghetto enough." We finally decided on a restaurant around 8pm and we ordered from the first restaurant we had looked at. But the Chinese food was exactly what we wanted - just ghetto enough and just MSG enough to satisfy our lazy day in Montreal.

Till next week,

- Steven


Chapter 7: A Purple Wizard Day

Another week has passed in MTL and it was not void adventures. Thanksgiving Monday we finally got a couch for our little apartment and for the first time it started to feel like home. We love it! It's getting to the point where we've got a place for nearly everything and we're no longer living out of boxes. Well, almost. We still don't have dressers or a bed yet so anything without a home ends up in the bedroom. The couch is from a store here called Wazo, they have been incredible, and we are so happy to have been able to get something that will always be a part of montreal in our home (rather than ikea haha) After cleaning and getting the couch set up, we had our friends Amber and Devin Mendenhall over for thanksgiving dinner with Costco chicken pot pie and pumpkin pie (not Costco); it was a pie day. purple-wizardWith Heather's new bike I've been working to learn more about bicycle maintenance so I can take care of them. But through the process I've realized that I didn't have nearly any of the tools I need. On the way out to pay for our couch, which happened to be a half hour bike ride off the main island of Montreal, I got a flat tire. At this point I was more than halfway there and it just made sense to go the rest of the way. So I walked, with my bike. By the time I made it to the store it was 8:45pm. I bought the couch and walked over an hour home. I hadn't eaten dinner yet and got home around 10pm grumpy and tired and then I remembered that just earlier that day I had bought ice cream. The evening's events definitely warranted some ice cream so I pulled it out of the freezer, cracked open the lid and Heather instantly said, "What is that chemical grape smell?" The name of the ice cream? Purple Wizard. It tasted nearly as good as it sounds. So, tired, hungry and ashamed about my terrible ice cream purchase, I sat there and ate my Purple Wizard. That ice cream has now become the branded as a synonym for a bad day; a Purple Wizard day. But it was all worth it when we finally got the couch. One of the members of the ward let us use his truck to pick it up and we love it! On Tuesday, I went and picked up all the bike tools we needed to change my flat tire and to do minor repairs to our bikes so we're on our way to being bonafide bike owners.

This Saturday we rode our bikes out to the local Six Flags amusement park La Ronde for their Fright Fest. We bought season passes for 2017 and with that we got free passes for the rest of 2016 and upgraded to Gold memberships! We really don't know what that means but we get free parking :D which is also useless cause we have no car but whatever! It cost us less to buy season passes that a one day admission so we're stoked! We rode all the best rollercoasters in the park and Heather got creeped out by one of the local zombies. I snuck my GoPro the Ednör rollercoaster; it's really dark so you can't see much at all but you can hear us screaming in blissful delight. You can also hear the exact point Heather starts feeling sick cause she stops screaming.

All in all, this week has really been a week of gratitude. We've had some struggles but we're reminded of how many things worked so perfect for us to be here; from Heather's work paying for our flights out here, to our friends Gizelle, Joanna and Gaetan giving us a place to stay when we first arrived here, finding a beautiful apartment in an incredible area of the city so quickly and all of our things being safely delivered by the moving company and all the support of our loved ones in this new adventure of our lives. We may not know what the future holds but we're confident we are where we need to be at this point in our lives.

Until next week, Steven


Chapter 5: Brand New Used Bicycle...With A Bell!!!

This week was quite a momentous week. Heather and I began work! ...and by that I mean that Heather began work, and I began my life as a stay at home husband. Right now I'm working freelance for some companies out west but in my spare time I've taken to making sure Heather has breakfast, lunch and dinners every day. She just gets so adorably forgetful when she's under the stress of a new job :) Her first day of work at MPC Montreal!

Heather is being trained at work to use all their systems right now and is learning really quickly. Her industry experience is proving to be a very valuable asset to her which has been very validating. Her studio is a 25 minute walk from our house so she's just been walking to work instead of using public transit. Surprisingly enough, we've managed to go nearly a month without using public transit at all and we want to continue not having to use it if we can so this week we went out and bought Heather a brand new bicycle!!! Well, a brand new used bicycle! Well, actually, a used bicycle. But it's got a bell! And it's adorable!


But to further prepare ourselves for Montreal life we went winter coat shopping. Out in Montreal they've got these huge warehouse sales where top brand name merchandise is sold at ridiculous sale prices. And it's not just last seasons stuff either. A lot of the stuff is season preview merch so you're buying this seasons stuff at 60-80% off. Only catch is you have to drive out to some sketchy warehouse on the edge of town. Fair trade. DATE NIGHT AT THE SKETCHY WAREHOUSE!!! Heather and I got some pretty hearty coats and realized that winter wear isn't all terribly ill form fitting either. (just most of it)

In other news, we've made some friends and are nearly finished readying the 7th Harry Potter book. We've been listening to the audio book of Jim Dale which has been awesome! We just put it on while we cook dinner. This week we've been enjoying the cheap cheeses and fresh produce in our meals. We made homemade burgers with avocado and brie, basil and tomato stuffed chicken breast and little pancake skewers with bananas, strawberries and Nutella! Our tummies are happy!

Quebec cheese has us in heaven.