Chapter 9: They Did The Monster Mash

Happy Halloween! This week was jam packed for us here in MTL - I started my new job at Micanan on Tuesday (I'm working as a video editor for the company as well as for their sister companies Smoke Show and Essentially, I'm an asset for all 3), Heather's brother, his wife and their youngest came and visited us during their trip out east for a conference and we planned and hosted our first house party at our new apartment. Mummy Pizza BitesTo get ready for it we made a couple trips to Ikea (we've finally got a bed frame to sleep on and a place to put our clothes), Value Village (because it was a Halloween party) and the local costume shops for makeup and liquid latex. With a lot of help from our friends Amber and Devin and Pinterest we were able to pull it off. Some of the hits of the night were these Halloween Mummy Pizza Bites and Wassail Cider. Tea and popcorn were smashing hits as well once everyone had satisfied their sweet toothes. We also both realized this year that neither of us likes Halloween playlists. After listening to about 10 minutes of Halloween music while setting up for the party we switched over to Christmas carols and some good ol' Bing Crosby. It may have been a little early for some, but Heather was so stoked on it! (We are also in our ward's amazing new choir and one of the perks is getting to start singing christmas music much earlier than we otherwise would!

With a photo booth and chocolate spiders the party was an absolute success! Costumes were mandatory for the party and everyone pulled out all the stops for their costumes - We had Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega from Pulp fiction, a Film Noir couple and their cigarette, Sylvestor and Tweetie and many more. Heather and I were Bellatrix Lestrange & Lord Voldemort (before he lost his hair and nose, and apparently Bellatrix was a ginger?). There were a few embarrassing moments during and after the party, but these lovely new friends have embraced us regardless! We feel blessed to have found such amazing people here in Montreal, and can't wait to host many more gatherings in the months to come.

14600943_10154567743685126_5835586747166518335_nOne of these embarrassing moments was all Heather's fault. While preparing for the party the coffee table was looking rather empty so Heather went through our books to see if we had some good material for coffee table literature and pulled out a Chrissy Teigen cook book, the Chronicles of Narnia and... the Kama Sutra - a book we received as a wedding gift. She jokingly put out the Kama Sutra underneath the cook book called "Cravings" and bet me no one would even notice it. I didn't think it was a good idea, and said we shouldn't have it there, and decided to leave it as a joke only until Amber and Devin arrived to help set up. I planned to remove it before everyone else arrived. Unfortunately, it just never got out away. Heather admitted she remembered about it and neglected to remove it - thus making it her fault what ensued. Later in the evening while Heather and I were off in the kitchen getting some food we heard someone say something about Chrissy Teigen (oh no.) it would all be okay, as long as no one picked up the Chrissy Teigen book.. but then we heard a sharp squeal from Jason. Raucous laughter ensued and we knew that our little Easter Egg had been discovered. Surprisingly, everyone was super chill about it! We can really talk about anything now, and no one should be surprised ;)

All in all, it was a blast! We made new friends, embarrassed ourselves, ate some good food and have enough tasty goodies for days! Thanks to everyone for making this such a great party!

- Steven


Ps. Heather makes an amazing Kim Possible (I'm a less convincing Sherlock Holmes haha. we needed some easy throw on costumes for a ward youth halloween activity.)


Chapter 7: A Purple Wizard Day

Another week has passed in MTL and it was not void adventures. Thanksgiving Monday we finally got a couch for our little apartment and for the first time it started to feel like home. We love it! It's getting to the point where we've got a place for nearly everything and we're no longer living out of boxes. Well, almost. We still don't have dressers or a bed yet so anything without a home ends up in the bedroom. The couch is from a store here called Wazo, they have been incredible, and we are so happy to have been able to get something that will always be a part of montreal in our home (rather than ikea haha) After cleaning and getting the couch set up, we had our friends Amber and Devin Mendenhall over for thanksgiving dinner with Costco chicken pot pie and pumpkin pie (not Costco); it was a pie day. purple-wizardWith Heather's new bike I've been working to learn more about bicycle maintenance so I can take care of them. But through the process I've realized that I didn't have nearly any of the tools I need. On the way out to pay for our couch, which happened to be a half hour bike ride off the main island of Montreal, I got a flat tire. At this point I was more than halfway there and it just made sense to go the rest of the way. So I walked, with my bike. By the time I made it to the store it was 8:45pm. I bought the couch and walked over an hour home. I hadn't eaten dinner yet and got home around 10pm grumpy and tired and then I remembered that just earlier that day I had bought ice cream. The evening's events definitely warranted some ice cream so I pulled it out of the freezer, cracked open the lid and Heather instantly said, "What is that chemical grape smell?" The name of the ice cream? Purple Wizard. It tasted nearly as good as it sounds. So, tired, hungry and ashamed about my terrible ice cream purchase, I sat there and ate my Purple Wizard. That ice cream has now become the branded as a synonym for a bad day; a Purple Wizard day. But it was all worth it when we finally got the couch. One of the members of the ward let us use his truck to pick it up and we love it! On Tuesday, I went and picked up all the bike tools we needed to change my flat tire and to do minor repairs to our bikes so we're on our way to being bonafide bike owners.

This Saturday we rode our bikes out to the local Six Flags amusement park La Ronde for their Fright Fest. We bought season passes for 2017 and with that we got free passes for the rest of 2016 and upgraded to Gold memberships! We really don't know what that means but we get free parking :D which is also useless cause we have no car but whatever! It cost us less to buy season passes that a one day admission so we're stoked! We rode all the best rollercoasters in the park and Heather got creeped out by one of the local zombies. I snuck my GoPro the Ednör rollercoaster; it's really dark so you can't see much at all but you can hear us screaming in blissful delight. You can also hear the exact point Heather starts feeling sick cause she stops screaming.

All in all, this week has really been a week of gratitude. We've had some struggles but we're reminded of how many things worked so perfect for us to be here; from Heather's work paying for our flights out here, to our friends Gizelle, Joanna and Gaetan giving us a place to stay when we first arrived here, finding a beautiful apartment in an incredible area of the city so quickly and all of our things being safely delivered by the moving company and all the support of our loved ones in this new adventure of our lives. We may not know what the future holds but we're confident we are where we need to be at this point in our lives.

Until next week, Steven


Chapter 4: Je suis une baleine

People keep asking if I'm nervous to start work tomorrow, and the answer is: Nope! I am so ready to be working again. It will be really weird not to be with Steven 24/7 (...but also nice. Love you sweetie!)

Our boxes all came this week and there is no way to say how relieved we are. Everything got here in once piece, nothing was lost or damaged and it even arrived a week earlier than the estimate! Such a tender blessing to have our stuff arrive before I started work. We got all unpacked (as much as possible) on Friday, but with no dressers, table, bookshelf or couch there are a few things that will have to wait.

img_7471-webWe went to so many furniture stores this week! We decided that rather than find random stuff off craigslist, to spring for things we actually love. Since we have no car here, the options are basically walk, transit, or bike! We have mostly been fine walking everywhere, but we did SO MUCH biking Monday. Like 5 hours of Bixi bike rentals all over the city in half hour increments. Don't worry, it's super safe. Cars can hear us coming from a mile off - "I hate this! I hate this! I hate this!!!" - me.

img_7369-webWe've been becoming familiar with the bike culture and the city, trying to remember not to turn on reds and obey rules as if we are cars. (we heard rumours that cyclist get ticketed just like cars?) Biking was not in vain though! We bought a table and chairs and picked out a couch! Woo!! We're stoked :) Also google maps took us the weirdest way - down the parking lot to a path that goes up this bank and you walk along a raised gravel road, before going back down the bank again to a new parking lot. We could have just stayed on the main road!!! So weird google maps.

We have been trying to get me a bike, but as it turns out, there aren't a lot of options now. It's the end of the season for bike shops, and I am tall.. so no one has a bike to fit someone my height :( img_7501-webOne bike shop we went to, Steven went up to talk to the sales guy and said    "Parler vous Englais?" "Non." "uhhhh... Heather!!"   Haha! That was the first guy who we met who didn't speak English (or was pretending not to. that's my suspicion...) They didn't have anything for me anyways, so the bike hunt continues elsewhere! 

It has been a very full week, and so many times we have had to stop and say thank you for the crazy amount of blessings we are receiving. So much love! We also got to cuddle with some cats too. #blessings

img_7581-web PS Sometimes Steven gets taught hilarious sentences on DuoLingo - This week I overheard him say "Je suis une baleine." (I am a whale) Needless to say I loved that.