Chapter 30: KnockOutWedding2017

We took off last week for my best friend's wedding. We arrived at 1am Thursday. We spent Thursday running errands, picking people up from the airport, and helping set up the reception before stealing Krista for some bachelorette fun!

We rode roller coasters as a welcome to the ride of a lifetime marriage will be. It was super fun, even though I started feeling sick after like one ride haha... I held it together so well though, and for so long! When i needed a break and time for my gravol to kick in Carolyn and I tried the high ropes course which was super fun, I've never done that before! I have really powerful fear of heights, but over the past 10 years I have worked on it at every opportunity I have and am super proud of the progress I've made!

Anyways, after coasters we took some photos, which were hilarious as so many of us tried to clown-car our way into squishing inside one photobooth. Afterwards we headed out to the restaurant, where we had dinner and mocktails and Krista opened a lot of fun lacy presents. We were nearly the last people there too. We eventually made our way to the house Krista's parents had rented. The bridesmaids slept over and we stayed up all talking super late.

[video width="640" height="480" mp4=""][/video]

That night Steven had dinner with his aunt Bonnie and uncle Lee who live in Northern Edmonton. He stayed at their house that night too, so he really got some quality time to spend with them. Lee was an Elvis impersonator in his "glory days" and Steven even got to hear his uncle perform for him a little. Apparently he is an amazing guitarist too! I guess we know where Steven's passion and talent for music came from... ELVIS!

The morning of the wedding, Krista gave us all matching monogrammed robes in the wedding colours, and her adorable niece had a tiny pink one. It was soooo cute. We got ready, (Krista looked STUNNING. those eyelashes like woah) and then Krista, her parents and I drove to the temple, everyone else would follow an hour or so later. Laurie and I had a really nice time getting everything to be perfect in the bride's room, and I can now say I have moved furniture in a temple... That might be a no-no, but the dress needed some space and the chair was squishing it. I stand by the decor decision, and I'm sure future brides will thank us.

Krista and Kaden looked so happy during the wedding ceremony, it was a beautiful private affair, with just some family and a few friends in attendance. Krista cried, and I think Kaden got emotional too although I couldn't see his face as clearly. I don't think I have seen a happier bride and groom in a long time, It was so touching to see the pure joy they had at the promises they were making and that they could be together - forever.

Mrs. and Mr. emerged from the temple a short time later just as we were starting to be concerned that it would rain. We made the most of the time at hand and got some really stunning photos of them, as well as shots with their families and parents etc. Just as we were about to start photos with the bridal party the ominous clouds (which look awesome in photos) broke open, and it started pouring. We all ran for cover and waited about half an hour as it cleared up. Looking back, I really don't know how I ended up with a sunburn, but there you have it! red hair/skin's fair - dont care. haha. We had a whirlwind of a day, and so much fun at the reception. Everything was beautiful, very classy and bonus? there were waffles. Gotta love waffles and popcorn! (Krista and Kaden's favourite foods)

food, speaches, songs, and then dancing, cleanup, and goodnight.

That's a fraction of what happened during that trip but It's enough for one post I think!

Highlights of the next few days: taking the niece/nephews on their first water slides, family photos, me somehow failing a drug test at the airport and having to have a full pat down and all my belongings searched and drug tested (would not recommend..), and of course, the amazing steaks cooked by the love of my life! It was so nice to have all my siblings together, and really wasn't long enough for me.


Mom and dad flew to Montreal with us Sunday because my dad had a conference here to attend. It was incredibly nice to get home! Since Monday was a holiday, Steven and I got to play tourist! We rode bikes down to the old port where there was an amazing event going on. There were all these people dressed in period clothes from 375 yrs ago (how old Montreal turned this week) and we got to walk around and look at booths of people doing pottery and shoe making, blacksmithing, and so much more. We met up with dad and went out for poutine (of course)

There were some really rainy days this week, so we spent our evenings mostly just at my parents airbnb. It was a condo with really great amenities, so we used the grill one night, the pool tables another couple nights. it made us reeeaaally want to live in a condo with good amenities...

anyways, this post is getting rambly, so Ill just leave it here. Talk to you next week!

Love, Heather

Chapter 28: Sushi and Scruples

We made California Rolls Wednesday, which was super fun! I got home as just as Steven finished getting together all the ingredients, so I put together the rolls! Not a skill I had until I dated Steven. Actually, I just remembered how I learned to make sushi! Steven and I were friends, starting to maybe date? It was a confusing time. One day we stopped by his parents house to grab something and it was right at dinner time. His mom, dad and sister were all making themselves sushi and invited us to join. I really hadn't eaten sushi many times at this point, and wasn't sure if I liked it or not, so I was pretty uncomfortable. Steven just dove in though! I stood there awkwardly while everyone was busily making their own rolls. I had NO IDEA how to do it, and Steven must have been so hungry he didn't notice how confused I was. Finally Stevens mom explained what to do, and I set about slowly making a roll. It was pretty terribly constructed, and took me so long I got much less food than the others haha. It was so funny to remember that memory and how awkward and out of place I felt. It feels like a lifetime ago, and like Steven and I are completely different people than we were then! He is so loving and conscious of me. I'm much more blunt and straightforward with him, I just couldn't see that same situation arising these days.  

We had some friends over for a games night Friday night which was really nice. We made a few pizzas, and they brought icecream :) We played our favorite strange party game "scruples" The version we own is from 1986, and it definetly shows its age. Not in looks (its in pristine condition) but in content. The game is great for getting to know people better. You have an answer card in your hand and 5 question cards. You choose the question card to ask anyone playing, but you need them to give the answer that matches what is on the answer card in your hand (yes/no/depends). The questions are things like "if your son became a stripper, would you continue to let him live at home?" "the old lady selling you her house is asking for less than her house is worth, do you tell her?" or "you leave water running while staying at a friends house and flood the bathroom. Do you offer to help pay for repairs?"

It was funny to see what different people were comfortable with and what others weren't! The game doesn't sound nearly as fun as it is when you describe it, but trust me its awesome. I did hooooribly at it, but still had a lot of fun.

I had my first full Saturday off in like a month!

It was my favourite day of the week, because Steven and I got to spend all day together. We didn't do anything very interesting honestly, like we ran errands, went to the doctors office, stuff like that. But It was so nice to spend all day together.

Saturday evening was stake conference. They spoke mostly about how to make the Sabbath day a delight. My Sabbath is far from delightful these days, so That's what we will need to work on over the next weeks. We are toying with the idea of doing these posts Monday night rather than Sunday since we always end up staying up so late Sundays. We will see if this helps over the next few weeks or if we end up just forgetting to post haha. its a pretty real possibility!



Chapter 19: Barbegazi and the rest

Honestly, we completely forgot to make a post last week. Sorry y'all! We'll do our best to get this working again. So last week was pretty tame, the most exciting thing being Barbegazi. The word Barbegazi refers to a mythical french and Swiss creature and the words Barbegazi come from is something like "barbe gelée" or "frozen beard". Its like a bearded man/Sasquatch on skis? ...That's also blue? ...Clearly we were confused about it haha. So its pretty much just a winter activity festival. We heard about it the day before we went, and thought it could be fun. Turns out, it was a super high budget event that had only a fraction of the expected attendance, so that was awesome! Short lines, and lots to do. There was a McDonalds cart giving out free hot chocolate, big fire pits, arm wrestling stations, wood cutting competitions, tree tossing, and lastly and most importantly... an obstacle race! The best part? IT WAS ALL FREE.

Steven and I went with Amber and Devin, and the boys were just so jazzed about it. Stevens got a video to put here about it, it was a blast. Amber and I felt we were best serving as camera people, because of how slick the icy snow was. The boys got kinda banged up, and Steven got a bloody nose, but it was worth it.

We went and saw a couple movies the past two weeks, which always makes for a good week. Steven found that he loves quinoa salads, and consequentially we ate a ton of quinoa haha. I like them too, but Steven was suuuper excited, because those are the sorts of things adults get excited about I suppose. quinoa. salads. Steven has been killing it at work lately. He works for a company that kind of loans him out to other companies they have under their wing. Most of them have loved his work, and been really easy for him to access what they want. But there was one company, which was a little trickier. This week they pitched an ad campaign and Steven delivered some videos to them for it and they lost it! it was an amazing response and he was so proud. He feels like hes getting the hang of their style now and what they like with their branding which is really rewarding!

In other news, this Saturday we spent a few hours watching a live stream of the Women's March on Washington. When we first tuned in, there was a man speaking and my first thought was "of course. women's march, and yet a man is the speaker. of course." but after he finished speaking, a woman got up, and She was intelligent, powerful, and articulate. Then another woman got up, and she too was formidable. Then another, and another. after about an hour and a dozen women and three men, I thought, "This is how men feel, like ALL of the time." I got really emotional and felt a commitment to be one of those women. I want to be one of those women in my community, in my work and in my church. At work, there are more women than I expected, and more women in positions of power than I expected. I have been working on a show that has powerful women in it. It has been a thrill and a blessing to be able to look up to such women and know that I don't need to be the first. I can walk the path that many have blazed for me.

Speaking of work, This has been a wonderful two weeks. I have finally feel like I have settled into a pattern. I was feeling like I could take on more work, so I asked for more. I was given a little, and a little more and then all at once my work load was doubled, but I held up under it! I hope I can make myself indispensable by the end of the year. I want to be the person, that when something needs to be done, and done right, you ask Heather to do it.

I don't usually come up with resolutions per se, but I for the past few years I have picked a word to focus on trying to live better through that year. Last year I wanted to be more Engaged in my endeavours, the year before I wanted to be more Disciplined. This year, my word is Commitment. Working on my commitment to my relationships with the people I love, being more committed to excellence, more committed to the things I love and making time for them. I love this practice of choosing a word because at different times in the year it means different things to me. For instance, I chose the word Engaged last year, because I wanted to work on how I scattered I was feeling. I wanted to be more engaged at work, and later in the year when Steven proposed that word took on a very different meaning. That's the most obvious example but the word does gain meaning through this year and I highly recommend it. I would love to hear if you have any words you would like to choose to focus on this year!