Chapter 28: Sushi and Scruples

We made California Rolls Wednesday, which was super fun! I got home as just as Steven finished getting together all the ingredients, so I put together the rolls! Not a skill I had until I dated Steven. Actually, I just remembered how I learned to make sushi! Steven and I were friends, starting to maybe date? It was a confusing time. One day we stopped by his parents house to grab something and it was right at dinner time. His mom, dad and sister were all making themselves sushi and invited us to join. I really hadn't eaten sushi many times at this point, and wasn't sure if I liked it or not, so I was pretty uncomfortable. Steven just dove in though! I stood there awkwardly while everyone was busily making their own rolls. I had NO IDEA how to do it, and Steven must have been so hungry he didn't notice how confused I was. Finally Stevens mom explained what to do, and I set about slowly making a roll. It was pretty terribly constructed, and took me so long I got much less food than the others haha. It was so funny to remember that memory and how awkward and out of place I felt. It feels like a lifetime ago, and like Steven and I are completely different people than we were then! He is so loving and conscious of me. I'm much more blunt and straightforward with him, I just couldn't see that same situation arising these days.  

We had some friends over for a games night Friday night which was really nice. We made a few pizzas, and they brought icecream :) We played our favorite strange party game "scruples" The version we own is from 1986, and it definetly shows its age. Not in looks (its in pristine condition) but in content. The game is great for getting to know people better. You have an answer card in your hand and 5 question cards. You choose the question card to ask anyone playing, but you need them to give the answer that matches what is on the answer card in your hand (yes/no/depends). The questions are things like "if your son became a stripper, would you continue to let him live at home?" "the old lady selling you her house is asking for less than her house is worth, do you tell her?" or "you leave water running while staying at a friends house and flood the bathroom. Do you offer to help pay for repairs?"

It was funny to see what different people were comfortable with and what others weren't! The game doesn't sound nearly as fun as it is when you describe it, but trust me its awesome. I did hooooribly at it, but still had a lot of fun.

I had my first full Saturday off in like a month!

It was my favourite day of the week, because Steven and I got to spend all day together. We didn't do anything very interesting honestly, like we ran errands, went to the doctors office, stuff like that. But It was so nice to spend all day together.

Saturday evening was stake conference. They spoke mostly about how to make the Sabbath day a delight. My Sabbath is far from delightful these days, so That's what we will need to work on over the next weeks. We are toying with the idea of doing these posts Monday night rather than Sunday since we always end up staying up so late Sundays. We will see if this helps over the next few weeks or if we end up just forgetting to post haha. its a pretty real possibility!



Chapter 26: Butterflies Go Free!

So this week is supposed to be Steven's week, but I have him working on something more important. You get me! Unfortunately I don't have a ton to say about this week. I've mainly been working a lot of over time!

I came home super hungry Thursday night, and Steven had some mac and cheese on the stove. I don't know the last time I had that stuff, so I was pretty excited, until he said it wasn't done, he was trying something he had seen online...

Instant scepticism.

This was what he was attempting: craft dinner, and cheddar cheese waffles. Sounds intriguing right? Well DON'T LET IT LIE TO YOU. This was vicious trap. drawing us in with promises of golden crispy cheese. We were powerless, and It made such fools out of us. The cheese instantly bonded with the waffle maker, and became near impossible to remove. When we opened the waffle maker, instead of a waffle, we had two half waffles, glued - nay - cemented to the waffle iron. We felt hunger and shame as we chipped it off, and will be more wary of food that sounds too good to be true in future...

Well that was the low part of our week, but this is definitely the high point: BUTTERFLIES GO FREE!

We went to the botanical gardens with Amber and Devin Saturday morning to go see the butterflies in one part of the greenhouses. It was just on a whim, and even though I was working that afternoon we were somehow able to squeeze it in last minute. I was determined to see those butterflies! We didn't get to stay as long as I would have liked though. I would have happily stayed all day long. We spent way too long in the other parts of the green house before we finally found the butterfly green house. Its a two story building with plants around the walls and a courtyard in the centre. As we walked through the doors my jaw literally dropped open. The air was thick with all different types and colours of butterflies! Tiny black and green ones, ones with wings that beat 4 times faster than others, massive brown ones, white ones, golden monarchs, and azure blue ones. Amber and I were in such heaven. I didn't think I would be quite as excited as I was, and when we had butterflies landing on us of their own will, we pretty much had gone to heaven. We think the key to it for next time is wear red, orange or hot pink (the colour of flowers) and cover yourself in fruit juice. We will be irresistible to those beauties! Muahaha...

Eventually I pulled myself away to get to back to work, but I definitely feel like I need to go back!

Today after church Steven saw a recipe for home made fried chicken in a cast iron pan, and decided he had to try it. Luckily we had vegetable shortening for some unknown reason, and he went to town. It was crispy and delicious! As we were eating it he kept saying "Wow! This is great!" I'm like: "Yes sweetie it is, you did a great job." "I know! I'm so surprised and impressed with myself!" haha silly guy

We decided to make cookies after dinner, but had no chocolate chips. We had no oatmeal, no coconut, and no nuts. So... We now have raisin spice cookies. They were really yummy, but they might have been yummier than they deserved credit for. We have been off refined sugar all week. Mostly we just felt really bloated and nasty and wanted a bit of a detox. A month was the original goal, but one week nearly killed us. Maybe one week is doable, if we get cheat days. Maybe we can have sugar on weekdays, or if it is in something we have made ourselves? I'm not sure. We will see how we feel tomorrow.


Heather (and Steven. The video is his contribution!)

Chapter 25: "My heart is beeping!"

The big news this week is probably the giant blizzard! For some time we had no snow at all and I was gloating. A lot. Thinking we were maybe getting into springtime... Silly me. I should have known better that's for sure. Steven warned me about the snow we were expecting, but as I left for work  there was no snow falling, no snow at all. I thought maybe the weather man had been wrong! I work in sort of a cave at work, because everything I do is so colour and light sensitive we work in a very dark room with no windows at all, I had no idea it was snowing, and snowing HARD. literally, the snow was going sideways. actually horizontal. Steven wisely chose to come home around 2 pm because He was starting to think he might not be able to get home if he waited much longer - the visibility was so bad. By the time I left work, we had almost a foot of snow, and the next day when it finally stopped snowing, we were left with probably more than 2 feet of perfect, fluffy, snow. I felt like we were living in a ski village on a ski hill somewhere! The cars parked on the road were completely buried in snow, like giant street marshmallows haha. Because of this blusteriest of weather, we felt like it called for a hearty soup. It was so perfect!

So Steven posted about my terrible disappointing no good haircut last week. Well this week I faced my fears and went back, to show the owner the terrible haircut. It was so traumatic and stressful going back that Steven decided I needed a pick me up. so... Kittens! We visited Le Café Chat L'heureux. Its pretty much heaven!! We got soup and cheesecake to share, and played with the three kittens and 8 cats who live in the cafe. We were pretty much in heaven!

Friday night, we started our search for the best fried chicken in Montreal. The place we went to was pretty hole in the wall greasy spoon eating, but the food was really good. Just exactly what we were hoping for in our chicken and fries. On our way back to Amber and Devin's after dinner, we stopped at McDonald's for some St. Patty's day treats! Everyone kept pointing at our McFlurries cups and wishing us a happy St. Patrick's day after that, we aren't sure why McFlurries have that effect on people haha. Is it a traditional St. Patrick's day treat now or something?? To really get in the St. Patrick's day mood, we watched some Irish dancing (yay!) and then a movie called "Brooklyn" about immigrants from Ireland to Brooklyn. All in all a festive day we think! I guess the fried chicken might not have been the most festive meal, but... no regrets here!

I was working all day Saturday, but Steven had lots to do! He spent the morning at a friends house, and did a bunch of chores at home. When I finally got home at about 7 pm, he was really wanting to make pizza. He found a pizza dough recipe, and started throwing it all together really confidently while I was cleaning up before our friends came over for a games night. I walked into the kitchen to see him kneading the dough, and took one look at it and said "Hmm. That might be looking a little dry huh?" He was like "I don't know.. Is it not supposed to look like this?" So long story short, Steven spent the next 45 minutes trying to kneed more water back into this rock of dough. Finally it was ready and we put it aside to rise. The pizza turned out great somehow! We made yummy pizza and played a bunch of games with some friends. All in all a really nice evening! We Definitely want to do more of those, and all this snow makes it hard to do anything outside... so we don't have a lot of choice in the matter anyways haha!

Anyways, This week flew by, and now that the show I'm working on is just about finished, time seems to be speeding up.

love, Heather

ps. One of our friends kids said the cutest thing today. He was running, and felt out of breath afterwards and said "My heart is beeping!" and when his mom said hers was too, he said "Oh good! That means you're letting someone in." Cutest. Thing. Ever.